With a proactive and innovative approach, the company has a structure which is effective with strategic decisions.

At Akgün Group, due to the value given to human, human resources department has a strategic role.

Our basic operating principles that are set from moral and human values are as below.

  • We protect our corporate principles and values.
  • To achieve the goals and objectives of our company we all fulfill our part in the best way.
  • Always protect the rights and interests of our company.
  • Never ever compromise on integrity and loyalty to our company.
  • We see our company as if that it is the owner of our labor not the tenant of our knowledge.
  • We are open to innovation and change, the basic philosophy of a lifelong learning.
  • Solution driven, we do not see problems as a source of conflict.
  • We work with team spirit in co-operation to achieve the correct result.
  • We know our strengths and weaknesses and we show positive approach to the constructive criticism.

For job applications, you can come and fill out the form in our factory personally or send your CV to