Our essential principle is to offer equal oppurtunities for everyone during recruitment process.

Akgün Group forms its structure of human resources and labor to ensure that the conditions are to co-exist and develop in an increasing competition of common world market every day. The most important condition of this process is "the service and product quality". Companies with an established corporate culture, business, and social life, employees with high self-confidence and at peace with the world, can communicate with the environment, and the long-term development plans of individuals will only catch success in all circumstances of the 21st century.

Akgün Group provides a work enviroment including most convenient social and health safety conditions which aims to act jointly with its employees. Akgün Group pursues a  dynamic and open-to-development human resources policy due to its structure with increased career and responsibilities according to capabilities and performance based pricing.

Our essential principle is to offer equal oppurtunities for everyone during recruitment process and employ effective human resources being loyal to the company and ensuring cooperation and carrying Duratiles to the future. For this reason, we always select our employees among the candidates who can meet the corporate values and business components. Our trainees are our potential employee candidates.

Human Resources management, with its functions and organization of the company's culture, strategies and objectives in coordination with other units, based on the success of contemporary Human Resources programs, plans and executes an effective and efficient manner.

Our aim is to contribute to the development and skills of our employees, knowing that the actual capital is the knowledge and experience, with the awareness of knowing that resource is human force, and moreover to create environments that support professional and personal development, investment in people, develop new projects with a sense of achievement that does not change the principles.