To raise awareness on environmental issues and operate in order to reach a wide audience we operate on one of the most basic requirements of life as in, education, health and sports.

Believing that education is the path leading Turkey towards its future, the Akgün Group focuses a majority of their social responsibility projects on education. Akgün Group also contributed in education by investing to Veli Akgün Elementary School. We also invest in various provinces, districts and villages in Turkey to contribute to primary schools and high schools by investing in education.

Today, as it was yesterday, "First environment", as an indicator of our progress sustainable reduction of environmental pollution, efficient use of natural resources of energy and environment is our environmental policy. Akgün Group, in its industry organizations, with the belief that it should be in harmony with nature, uses environmental protection measures strictly in all the facilities.


Akgün Group’s support to sports grows day by day, which is the most important aspect of living a healthy and happy life. In this context, the football tournament held by Timkoder association is supported with "Veli Akgün Football Tournament" on a regular basis each year.