As an organization aware of social responsibilities, making contribution for Turkish economy and attaching importance for environment and human being;

  • Based on constant development and improvement, to implement methods which will eliminate all dangers and hazards, to take necessary actions by environmental, health and safety risks for planning of our environment-friendly products, solutions and activities which highlight human health,
  • To fulfil our legal responsibilities regarding  health, safety risks arising from our activities and in relation to environmental dimension,
  • To plan our development and application operations by preventing the potential health, safety and environmental risks,
  • To ensure reducing environmental pollution and efficient use of energy and natural sources as a proof of our sustainable development,
  • To prevent potential work accicents and industrial diseases by protecting the health of our workers and ensuring a healthy work environment,
  • To conduct studies for increasing the knowledge and awareness levels of our personnel as well as partners working in our facilities, plants, construction sites and projects within the framework of "Human Health, Safety and Environmental Protection First and Forefront" philosophy.
  • To submit health, environmental and safety information regarding our products and services,
  • To participate and support the activities of official and private institutions are our essential components for determination of purposes and targets which shall develop our Environment and Work Health System.

Our past and future performance are open to public knowledge, ensuring environmental quality, protecting human health, building and maintaining safe working enviroments within the scope of Total Quality Management are our duties as the employees of Akgün Group.